A short biography on Bob!

Bob Straub is a “hands on” consultant with over 48 years of diesel engine and fuel system experience.  Bob grew up on a farm in Wisconsin where he learned basic mechanical work working on farm equipment and engines.  He began his career and formal education as a co-op student at Detroit Diesel (1969) earning his degrees at GMI (Kettering) and University of Michigan.  He continued his career in the Advanced Engineering Group at Detroit Diesel working in the area of diesel combustion and fuel systems.  There, his most notable accomplishment was the demonstration and development of the world’s first electronic unit injection system for which he earned a General Motors Boss Kettering award in 1985 and an Engineering Achievement Award from GMI in 1987.  Bob is recognized as an SAE Fellow for his contributions to the development of advanced diesel fuel systems. He holds numerous patents and inventions relative to fuel systems and engines.

In 1988 Bob became Vice President and Director of Engineering of Diesel Technology Corporation (DTC).  In that position he had diesel fuel system responsibility for both the product development and quality departments as well as assisting in sales and marketing.  In the early 1990’s DTC became a Joint venture company between Penske Transportation and Bosch.  There, Bob directed the development of new lines of electronic unit pumps and electronic injectors working with 14 global customers on engines spanning the market from small industrial and truck engines to locomotives.

Bob was an early pioneer with common rail injection with early prototype injectors produced and used by Detroit Diesel, Sandia National Lab and Argonne National Lab in research work.

In 1999 Bob moved to a director position at SDST, a Siemens/Navistar start-up joint venture producing hydraulically actuated unit injectors.  At SDST  Bob supported cost reduction efforts, product and manufacturing problem resolution, and had engineering oversight  for the Navistar inline 6 injector development group and advanced engineering team.

In 2003 Bob returned to GM as Technical Fellow for diesel fuel systems supporting Duramax fuel system reliability problem resolution, the development of improved fuel filtration and water separation, formed and managed the diesel fuel systems group, and was responsible for the development of in-house test capabilities.

Bob most recently had managed General Motor’s  Advanced Diesel Engineering team in North America.  There, his group studied and demonstrate new engine and injection concepts and aftertreatment technologies.

Bob works independently as a consultant and resides in Lowell Michigan with his wife, adopted children, numerous animals and a barn full of machine tools, farm tractors and diesel engines.