Problem Solving

Bob Straub is a very pragmatic problem solver, using experience and judgement as well as and many learned techniques and tools problem solving such as Kepner Tregoe, Shainin, Red-X, DOE, and a variety of statistical approaches.

Examples of Problems Bob  has worked on include:

  • Product variability
  • Fuel system plunger seizure and or sticking
  • Fuel system structural failure/cracking due to both manufacturing and design issues.
  • Warranty “Trouble Not Found” issues
  • Low fuel lubricity wear issues
  • High pressure valve seat erosion and wear
  • Common rail injector over-fueling  (steady and intermittent)
  • Injector output drift
  • High pressure seal failure
  • Fretting erosion issues
  • Check valve design issues
  • Ceramic Ball Failure
  • Low pressure seal failures
  • O-ring failures
  • Cavitation erosion
  • Camshaft and follower design
  • Fuel line fractures and sealing
  • Fuel filter issues (plugging, waxing, particle trapping efficiency, water separation)
  • DEF Injector issues
  • Exhaust fuel injector issues (HC injection for DPF Regeneration)
  • Engine bearing failures
  • Engine smoke and performance issues
  • Engine cold start issues
  • Injector train wear issues
  • Engineering organizational issues